Sunday, June 6, 2010


suddenly it all come to me.
one after another.

i give all i can. i do what i had to do as a friend. but still nothing changes.
betul la orang kata, sekali kte buat silap, walaupun kecil kebaikan kte sebelum ni
yang beribu banyak tu terus hilang. kelam. apa yang dia nampak kesalahan kte yang kecil
lagi microcospic tu.

its just so wrong at so many levels. me, you and our friendship.
i tried everything i could to take things on the positive side like u always said
tapi it doesnt look what i thought it would be.
sorry, i screwed up. i just cant help seeing you in trouble, seeing you sad.
mybe you are right. what i did wasnt right

i just hope you understand what is my real intention is.
again im sorry i srewed up.
but u never know how i felt sbb i wont tell u a thing.
im happy if you are happy.

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